Lighter Side of Cadick Williams Mcallister Ford

Accountants, as you may know, are traditionally wonderful with numbers and being as important as numbers are in business and everyday life, we have been known to be quite serious… most of the time. Here at Cadick Williams McAllister Ford we too are very serious about our accounting, but we are not quite so serious all of the time. There is indeed a Lighter Side to our company.

Summer Bathroom Disaster

Nobody will admit to it, but one of our staff members didn’t flush properly!

Pete Bull Riding

See Pete trying to conquer a mechanical bull!

Pete and his Vette

Pete longs for the beautiful spring/summer weather for 2 reasons. 1) He gets to break out his beloved Corvettes and 2) tax season will be over for another year!

CWMcF 2011 Holiday Party

All in good spirits, we gathered around the table to discus the years events, share heartwarming stories about our client and toast to 2012′s new tax laws!

Happy Holiday’s to all of our clients, our friends… our family.

Partners Help Stranded Motorist

Partners Help Stranded Motorist

CWMcF Partners (Pete, Dan & Steve) help out a stranded motorist who’s car broke down in front of their building. The driver was very thankful and appreciative for the help he received.

CWMcF is thankful for our wonderful staff, amazing clients and friends.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Truth About Fishing

For those of you who don’t know, Dan Kittell, CPA & Partner, is an avid fisherman. Here is a quick video to substantiate his claim that he caught a fish thiiiiiis big!

Great work Dan. You got it and that fish looks delicious!



Yes.  Power-tools are necessary for any electrical work!

Yes. Power-tools are necessary for any electrical work!

How many accountants does it take to change a bulb?


Answer: 3: One on the ladder, one holding ladder and 1 with 911 on speed dial! :-D


Our most famous client.

santaclaus2009 Yes, Virginia, we do Santa’s tax returns!



New Video!

QuickBooks Video with Out Takes! Very Funny!

Accounting Off-Season

Pete Studies New Tax Laws

Pete Studies New Tax Laws

Pictured here, Pete has been diligently studying the changes and updates to the 2010 tax laws. Pete finds that sometimes you have to close your eyes to really get a good ‘visual sense’ of how changes to tax laws apply and can benefit clients.

Keep up the good work Pete!