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Dear CWMcF-
I would just like to take a minute to tell your firm how happy I’ve been with the changes that have been made to my account.Let’s start with Jean Miller. Our family has used CWMcF for as long as I can remember.  I’ve been involved for 12 years now.  Over the past 12 years there has been several different individuals in charge of our restaurants books.  Jean has taken over my account just recently in the past few months.  Because of her efforts and her honest concern for her clients, things have never been better.  My accounting is up to date every time I take a look at books.  She is constantly  making changes and corrections to improve and eliminate wasted time and money for us and you. She is a true asset to your firm as I’m sure you already know.  Her knowledge of Quick books has come into play on several different problems we’ve had, and she has taught me so much, which again saves us time and money. I can’t say enough about Jean and how much I appreciate her efforts.

Recently I switched to Right Networks because I was told how much easier it would make things.  I’m not one for change, but this was one of the best moves we have ever made.  No more backing up files, waiting for bank statements, gathering up everything I think your going to need, then mailing to you and waiting for you to receive the info, and input it. Because of Jean, we have switched and I have never been happier.  Right Networks has made my end of the deal a know brainier and has saved me a small fortune in time and money.  I am ecstatic with the results.

Thank you for all that you do for me and our business. I’m going to miss Joe and his fatherly advice, which I received quite frequently, and needed, but I’m glad he has finally backed off and is going to enjoy his retirement.


Tony Doyle
Skyline Chili

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